This project takes place in many of the primary and secondary schools in the Boston & South Holland area.

The aim is to raise awareness about Domestic Abuse looking at the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship with the pupils through a workshop. 

 Following on from this one-to-one sessions are offered to any pupils that have disclosed witnessing or being a victim of Domestic Abuse and would like support. The nationally recognised ‘Power Forms’ measuring tool are used so that the children can self-assess their progress whilst being supported, in addition to one-to-one and group feedback.  The work we do with children and young people in refuge spans over thirty years and is allied to the successful awareness raising programme within schools.

I like see you coming in because when I talk to you about my worries I feel like they have disappeared because I’ve let them go from my mind.”

“I now know what rape is and what it isn’t”

“The thing I benefited most from these sessions is the fact that I always felt welcome no matter how much of a state I was in. It was very reassuring when I found things difficult”.


“Made me realise the signs of domestic abuse, taught me about consent, taught me calling the police isn’t that scary and is okay, I realised just because you’re in a relationship you don’t have to have sex.”

“Going forward I will look for signs of toxic behaviour, information was given very well comment very well presented”.

“It was all rich in content and dialogue, really hard hitting in some places, but SO valuable I wish we had longer”.