Make a Change is delivered in Lincolnshire by the Jenkins Centre and our integrated support for survivors is delivered by SoLDAS.

Working in partnership to deliver integrated support for survivors.  We offer group or 1:1 sessions to people who are or have experienced Domestic Abuse when the abuser shows concern about their relationship and their behaviour towards a partner and/or ex-partner and engage in the work facilitated by the Jenkins Centre.



Sharon Walker is the Local Area Manager for Make a Change in Lincolnshire. 


Daniel Barthorpe is the Regional Practice Lead for Make a Change in Lincolnshire.


We offer the full range of Make a Change services in Lincolnshire, including:

Direct work with people who are concerned about their behaviour towards their partner and/or ex-partner, including a full 26-week programme. 

Proactive support to the partners and ex-partners of people referred to the service.

Briefings and trainings for professionals who want to strengthen their response to Domestic Abuse. 

Community outreach, including to the friends and family of people using abusive behaviour and/or accessing our services.

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“The support has been absolutely amazing, it’s the first time I’ve ever spoken to anybody about it… I had never told anybody the whole truth about it all, you know, I might hint, imply a bit to a friend or somebody, but you just feel like, too ashamed, stupid like you’ve done something wrong… And also people will make judgements of you don’t leave somebody, whereas talking to you [a support worker] just has… it’s like a weight has been lifted”.

“So what it was, was that the social services department were involved, because of something at the school, about the kids saying that daddy shouts at home and stuff. So anyway, they came round and they said to me, we can offer you some suggested courses… and at first, I was a bit sort of defensive about it, because I thought there’s nothing wrong… But after a while I thought about it, and I said to them, actually, you know what, can you give me more information about this course?”

“I think the sessions were very helpful. They gave me a better view of good and bad relationships. I’ve learned how to spot the dominator”.

“I cannot find the words to say thank you for all you have done, I didn’t know my rights until I spoke to you, thank you for giving me my freedom”.

“My daughter feels a lot safer since having completed her own safety plan, she knows what to do, whereas before she didn’t know and that made her feel really scared when dad came home to the family home at 5:00 AM drunk and banging on the door”.